When it comes to my iPhone, I am a big proponent of an either the Apple Care or an extended warranty from a retailer (or perhaps Upsie). To date, I have managed to shatter two my iPhone screens and I have tried multiple times various shields for protecting my screens from scratching or the occasionally dropping. In fact, my eldest lad had also shattered his screen once and after paying a hefty fee to replace the screen, he put on his first tempered glass screen protector. So I thought it was time for me to try a tempered glass screen protector and as part of a Tomoson promotion, I received for free from intelliARMOR, an intelliGLASS tempered glass screen protector for my iPhone 6 plus, and intelliGLASS by intelliARMOR.

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At first I was skeptical to try out a tempered glass screen.. In addition to my iPhone 6 plus, I also have an iPhone 5s, which now doesn’t have a screen protector on the phone. The reason why I have hesitated to put a tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone is that I never liked the feel of a plastic shield and I have always though the a tempered glass screen protector might not be able to give me the same touch and feel as the original iPhone screen. Well I was wrong. The intelliGLASS  screen protector is smooth to the touch and given that the screen protector is glass, my fingers have been able to fly across the screen just like they were before.

So you might be asking yourself, well then why do you need a tempered glass screen protector like the one I am now using from intelliGLASS? The beauty of the intelliGLASS screen protector is that if you drop your phone at just the right angle, you will be more prone to only break the tempered glass screen protector versus the underlying phone screen. As mentioned before, my eldest lad had shattered his iPhone screen before and since he put on his first tempered glass screen protector, he has managed to shatter that screen protector as well. While he had his tempered glass screen protector purchased and installed at a wireless retailer for about $25.00, it certainly beat the price of having to pay for a new screen replacement. I call that smart money.

The installation process of the intelliGLASS screen protector took me about five minutes to do:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly so they are nice and clean.
  2. Clean your device screen with the included alcohol wipe. Then take the microfiber cloth and remove any streaks and dust from the device screen.
  3. Then take the blue dust removal screen tape and place on to your device screen in to take off any remaining dust.
  4. Grasp the intelliGLASS on the outer edges and remove the adhesive backing.
  5. Gently place the intelliGLASS over the speaker and around the home button on your device. If you don’t align perfectly like me the first time, gentle lift back up to reposition.
  6. Once you have successfully placed your intelliGLASS on your device screen, use the cardboard squeegee to force out any bubble that might be underneath your intelliGLASS.

Before you know it you will be done and on your way to swiping away. Now, I didn’t entirely clean my screen as I noticed I have two “dust dots” underneath my intelliGLASS. That’s okay, as I cannot see them when the screen is on and in reality, don’t notice the dots too much when the screen is off. I’ve also now spent the last several hours typing away and fingerprints are easily removed from the tempered glass. I also decided to (gasp) drop by iPhone 6 plus, face down, from about three feet on to a hard surface. Everything is still intact and I like that.

So to save some cash if you break your screen glass, pick up your intelliGLASS. Before you know it you will be back to typing like The Flash.