First of all
where shall I begin?
It’s not me
it’s you, who’s smilin’.

Pretty pictures
did dance on my eyes,
this customer
you told me great lies.

Many a night
I have booked through you,
No more clicking
can’t trust you now too.

Customer service
such an easy task,
another website
now gets my earned cash.

So now in parting, I am still smarting.
Without further ado. I now bid you adieu.
Let’s get back on track, so I will come back.

(Penned on behalf of) Amy Cuddy

This is a breakup poem that was requested long ago by the amazing Amy Cuddy. I can’t believe I forgot to write this poem, but better late than never. If you could be a peach and follow Amy on Twitter here, you’d be totally awesome. You can also like her Facebook author page here.