These Kamado Joe Accessories Are Amazing.

Most of my friends know me as an EGG Head, but about two months ago I became a Joe Head, for now I love the red of Kamado Joe. And these 7 Kamado Joe accessories, you need to pick up TODAY!

The term EGG head, pertains to those that are followers and users of the Big Green Egg. And those that are followers and users of the Kamado Joe, I dubbed them Joe Heads.

Now I know what you’re thinking, aren’t they the same thing? And the answer would be no. They’re similar in design, but the Kamado Joe has some unique features I find divine. I’ll save those thoughts for another time. Ps – that is what we call a tease. Makes you want to come back to my site for more. *Says with an evil laugh*.

You see, last year I wrote a widely read article on Big Green Egg accessories, which you can read below, so I said to myself, “Self, what about the Kamado Joe?”

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So after two months of testing and spending a fair amount of money, without further ado, here at the 7 Kamado Joe accessories you need to own today:

  1. The JoeTisserie: By far my favorite new accessory, is the JoeTisserie. In fact, I bought this rotisserie for my Big Green Egg and you NEED to buy this today. I have rotisserie’d chicken, steak, fish, kabobs, hotdogs, sausages, and the list goes on. My JoeTisserie’d chicken was the moistest I had ever made. Get it TODAY. Your tummy will thank me later.
  2. Flame Boss Smokes 200 WiFi: This WiFi enabled digital controller is the perfect way to understand what’s going on with your cook. Set it and forget it, but also check from your browser. Text messages sent to your phone will tell you when your pit is too hot or too cold and your meat is just right. Not a cheap toy, and thankfully I received mine free for testing purposes.
  3. Kick Ash Basket: I chuckle every time I say the name of this product, but the Kick Ash Basket greatly reduces your time to clean up the Kamado Joe. Fill up the basket all the way and when your cook is done, simply shake the basket and you’ll be amazed at how much less ash is in your Joe. Tip: I bought one for my Big Green Egg too.
  4. Chimney cap: You definitely need a chimney cap if you are trying to cook in either windy or rainy weather. The Perfect BBQTEK chimney cap I received free for testing purposes, worked like a charm with my Flame Boss on a windy day. It really kept the temperature at bay.
  5. Half moon grids: The wonderful thing about the Kamado Joe is the divide and conquer system. The split design of the plate setter allows for one side to be indirect heat and the other to open. With that, there are a plethora of grids to choose from. I have a half-moon cast iron for searing, a stainless steel for fish and vegetables and a reversible griddle. Can you say steak and eggs for breakfast?
  6. Joe Blow torch: This product’s name makes me chuckle and I use the same product from Electro Light. The Joe Blow torch, in my opinion, is one of the fastest ways to light your charcoal. Using hot air, with a matter of minutes your charcoal will be sparking. Back off a bit the charcoal and the hot air will help fan the flames. I will never use my electric charcoal starter again.
  7. A cover: Often overlooked, you really do need a cover for your Kamado Joe. Covers are great to protect from the elements such as rain or snow. But the cover also protects somewhat against the sun. You see, the metal bands holding the top piece expand and contract with heating and cooling. If your Kamado Joe sits in the sun uncovered, the heat may cause the band to expand and when you open your lid, the top could fly out. Seen it before.

Aw heck, here’s an eight Kamado Joe accessory you need to own today: a pizza peel. I had never tried to make a pizza in my Kamado Joe or a Big Green Egg until a recent cooking class. I made homemade dough and in five minutes, my pizzas were done. Mmm mmm good.

So whether you are Team Red or Team Green, here are 7 Kamado Joe accessories you need today.