I love the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show on KDWB, so if War of The Roses is fake, I don’t care.

If you follow me on Twitter (subtle hint to follow me here), you know that I interact with Dave Ryan, Falen Bonsett and occasionally Steve LeTart. One of the segments I love to hear is “War of The Roses” which an unsuspecting partner is telephoned, offered a survey to get free roses and then the partner gets to decide who to send the roses. Most times, this turns out bad for the unsuspecting partner.

Given that I know many radio personalities don’t use their real names (heck, I don’t either) or talk about their real families due to their own privacy concerns, I realize that radio shows, just like television shows, are purely entertainment. I even wrote an Ode to KDWB, which shows my fondness for KDWB, which I’ve listened to since WLOL went off the Top-40 airwaves in 1991.

Although I love Dave Ryan in the Morning show on 101.3 KDWB, for many years I had a strong suspicion that War of The Roses is indeed just entertainment, especially since the partners didn’t have a noticeable Minnesota accent. Yah, you betcha. Ya know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

In 2013, I tweeted out a short ditty about the War of The Roses and I received back the following tweet from Aaron Imholte, host of the Steel Toe Morning Show on Rockin’ 101.7, which I believe is in Sauk Rapids, MN.

Then last summer, a friend of my eldest lad, who works for Clear Channel, now known as iHeart Media, told him that indeed KDWB’s War of The Roses is fake. And again, I don’t care. It’s purely entertainment to me, but when I heard this I did go to The Google to yes, google “Is KDWB’s War of The Roses Fake.”

Written in 2011, one article goes into great detail of how the chicanery is perpetrated. Furthermore, if you do look at other iHeart Media Top-40 stations, you will find the similar segments with similar voices being played across the nation.

In my opinion, that’s pretty cool. In the business world, we call that leverage. Leveraging the assets of something you have learned to help the betterment of your colleagues or company.

Afterall, when I was in the investment banking business, one of my favorite quotes of all-time comes from the Michael Lewis book, Liar’s Poker, Chapter 9, The Art of War.

“There are no copyright laws in investment banking and no way to patent a good idea…I recall that one of the first investment bankers I met taught me a poem. God gave you eyes, plagiarize. A handy ditty when competing with other firms.”

And this quote, which I’ve practiced first hand, is real, yet is purely entertainment.

So Dave and Falen, please don’t unfollow me on Twitter because of this article. In the end, we are all entertainers. I hear you on the radio and I smile. I write haiku to you, which our interactions make me smile. I’ve sponsored Dave’s Oklahoma play, which makes me smile. To me, the entertainment you offer is all worth while.

UPDATE: Celebrity gossip columnist C.J. from the StarTribune.com picked up on this post, which you can read about here. She received an on-the-record quote from Tony Fly “…@tfly, self-proclaimed radio legend Tony Fly, afternoon show host on 105 The Vibe, said KD’s War is “100 [percent] fake. It’s illegal to air calls without the caller’s knowledge … If the calls were real, KDWB would be fined by the FCC.”