Please join The Applebee’s Twitter Community on Friday, May 30th, from 1pm ET to 2pm ET for a #LiveLunch Twitter chat.

I will be guest hosting the chat along with the awesome Applebee’s response team.

The topic du jour will be pleasure reading. The format will be a Q&A, most likely with seven questions.

If you have ever followed my Twitter stream during a Twitter chat, you will notice nearly all of my answers come in the form of rhyme and haiku. It’s just what I do – oops, I rhymed.

Usually a participant or two is randomly selected to receive a Applebee’s gift certificate. That’s pretty cool. Perhaps there could even be some The Product Poet swag given away too. Come on, I know you want some:

So please join myself and Applebee’s on May 30th, 2014. It’ll be the bees knees.