When it comes to burgers in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, there isn’t a shortage of excellent selections. There is a constant tug-of-war for who created and has the best  Jucy Lucy, who has the tastiest burger and who has the fanciest burger. Therefore I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the award-winning Burger Jones. Burger Jones is part of the Parasole Group in the Twin Cities, which has notable restaurants such as Manny’s Steakhouse and Chino Latino. Every so soften I heed to the needs of my lads and head over to Burger Jones for a great night of conversation and food.

Although there isn’t a Burger Jones right next door, the two locations are geographically located with the Twin Cities metro area so no one should have an excuse for not visiting one of their locations. You have your choice of either the Uptown or Burnsville locations, but for us, the Burnsville is where we usually meet to eat. From the moment you enter this restaurant destination, I like to describe Burger Jones  by saying that their burgers are located at the intersection of Fancy Street and Awesome Way. While not the cheapest burger around town, the quality of the burgers is top-notch thanks to their blend of hamburger they use.

For an appetizer we started off with their cheese curds, which simply put are heavenly. Typically cheese curds can have too much batter for my liking (or licking) but Burger Jones’ batter is just the right amount. Paired with a smoky ketchup, these cheese curds are my favorite in the entire Twin Cities. 

Burger Jones' cheese curds

But when it comes to burgers, there are so many great options, but be prepared to spend a few extra dollars as fries are extra with the exception of The Stack Pack (starts at $7.99). Now this may sound strange, although this is an award-winning burger joint, I always opt for the Southwest Salsa Veggie Burger. Yes, I know I know. I’m in a burger shop, so why am I eating a veggie burger? That’s an easy question to answer as Burger Jones has my favorite veggie burger in the Twin Cities. which is topped off with avocado, alfalfa sprouts and lettuce. Depending on how sluggish I feel, sometimes (like this past weekend) I toss the bun to reduce my carbohydrate intake. The spicy black bean patty, coupled with the smoky ketchup sauce from the cheese curds, is my secret combination. Without a doubt, you have to check it out.

Burger Jones also has a great selection of malts and shakes and my lads really loved their S’mores Shake, which was even served with a slightly toasted marshmallow. Well played, Brger Jones. Well played. And if you are simply in the mood to hang out in the bar area or bathrooms, there are plenty of great cocktails, mocktails and toilet paper to serve all of your needs here at Burger Jones.

As always, I like to end a review, in poetry and this time a haiku.

Burger Jones’ burgers.
Award-winning recipes.
Smokes competition.