It is not everyday that you make a big decision.
I remember the day that you were born into this world,
nearly eighteen years later we are setting you free.

Yes I am scared to let you leave the comfort of our home.
Yes I am sad that I won’t be able to see you each day.
Yes I am terrified you’ll make the same mistakes I did.
Yes you will be in my thoughts and I will miss you so much.

Yet I am so proud of you even though I don’t say it.
But somewhere between Chestnut, Oak, Spring Street and Patterson,
I will always be with you because you are part of me.

You will create new opportunities for your future lads
or girls, just like your mother and I created for you.
Today you chose to attend a storied university,
which describes you, instilling virtues of love and honor.

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Today’s National Poetry Month writing prompt was to write a “fourteener” which each line as fourteen syllables. I also like to traditionally write fourteen line poems or sonnets, so this poem in fourteen lines happens to be about my eldest lad choosing which college he will be attending for the next four years.