After a brief interlope in Atlanta yesterday, I managed to make myself to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. I’ve previously been to “The Beaches” before and by the time I checked into my hotel, worked out in the fitness facility and showered; I was ready to grab a bite to eat around 8:30pm.

My normal routine is to either tweet out to the Twittersphere for local recommendations, but I was hungry and didn’t want to wait for a response. Instead I trudged down to the lobby and asked the front desk for some recommendations. I was referred over to a local sports bar as well as an Italian restaurant. First thing I noted was that I didn’t recognize the names, which means they were not part of a chain. Second, I must have been tweeting or Instagramming my #HiltonSelfie as I was not paying attention to the directions I was just given. I think I heard, “Take a left, snap a picture, post to Facebook, turn right, go three blocks, open up your Swarm app and give it a tap.” As I aimless walked an extra block or two, I headed up to 3rd Street in Jacksonville Beach. To my pleasant surprise, in the distance before my eyes, were the two restaurants that had been recommended to me.

Miraculously, I hadn’t used Google Maps in my three-block walk and I was only one street off, but as I walked towards the sports bar, I noticed a food truck in the parking lot of a gas station. The food truck was buzzing with locals and I could see through the darkness the words, “Mexican Food.” At first, my jaw dropped to see a food truck, and then second, I ran to see what I could get. You see, if I am in a local city and I see a lot of people waiting in line, my first inclination is this has to be a good eat.

I did mosey up to take a gander at the menu board, I noticed that the Jalepeño Express had some fish tacos. When it comes to fish tacos, I’ve tried plenty. Some really good and others not so much. Generally speaking, I’m somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to my fish tacos. No need for a lot of breading on the fish, as I prefer grilled tilapia. I felt like a kid in a fish store as I quickly ordered up three fish tacos, for the low price of $7.50. With a bottle of water, my dinner was now complete for the price of $9.00 and with a $2.00 tip, my whole dinner came to $11.00.

The grilled tilapia fish tacos were served with corn tortillas, which I asked for. Accompanied with the fish tacos, were some sliced cucumbers; however, what really made my meal was that underneath the fish, were some perfectly grilled onions as well as cilantro. I did not have to bother with the two types of salsa that came with my meal, but after I ate not one, not two, but all three tacos, I quickly realized I should have ordered four as I was hankering for one more.

The Product Poet

I searched on Twitter to see if I could tweet out the great news of this miraculous meal, but sadly Jalapeño Express didn’t have an active Twitter handle, but I was successful in Instagramming about my new-found local eatery.

Simply put, I have tried fish tacos, from coast-to-coast, but Jalapeño Express’s, I love the most.