As before mentioned in other posts, I love to find local restaurants when I am traveling out and about. I recently had the fortunate opportunity to visit Jacksonville Beach, Florida and stumble across Maple Street Biscuits. Perhaps it was the wafting of maple syrup smells down 3rd street or a local resident’s recommendation, but if you are looking for a wonderful breakfast with great portions at a reasonable price, then give Maple Street Biscuits a try.

According to Maple Street Biscuits website, there are now four Florida locations (three in Jacksonville and one in Jacksonville Beach), as well as one site in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As for me, I happened to find the 3rd Street restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, which for anyone that has a maple sweet tooth like me, you’d have to agree that Maple Street Biscuits is quite heavenly. In fact, when I was a lad, I often times would make myself a syrup sandwich? Come on, don’t tell me you never made a syrup sandwich by slathering maple syrup on two pieces of white bread, slapping the two syrupy pieces of bread together and noming the sandwich down as fast as you can. My oh my, give that a try.

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As I stood in the parking lot of Maple Street Biscuits, I pleasantly could smell maple syrup and my heart started to palpitate slightly, a subtle reminder of my childhood years of drinking syrup right out of the bottle. You see, me and Aunt Jemima were on a first name basis. Once I walked into Maple Street Biscuits, I had the biggest grin on my face as all things were maple. From the signage on the wall, to the maple flavored coffee, it was as if I had just been plucked from the beach and placed smack dab into the middle of Vermont.

While I was here solely from breakfast, Maple Street Biscuits is open normally from 7am to 2pm Monday through Saturday, as well as Friday and Saturday nights from 5pm to 9pm. While I have attempted to eat relatively healthy recently, I couldn’t resist the urge to try the Maple Biscuit, which was similar to a cinnamon roll, but I have to tell you I would have ordered ten of these if my stomach would have let me. True fact, since this was our first time here, they provided a cinnamon Maple biscuit to each of us. Wow, now that is great customer service. As for my breakfast, I simply ordered a cheese omelet and a side of toast, but my colleagues were feasting on sandwiches with names such as The Five or The Reinhold and if I did “dig on swine,” the Sticky Maple looked divine.

After our breakfast, which my colleagues could only finish up half of their sandwiches, I did buy a pound of the Red Leaf Maple Coffee. I know what you might be thinking? Maple in coffee? Yeah, I thought so too until I tasted this specialty roasted coffee. The maple was smooth on the tongue and was delicately balanced on my palate, that the maple wasn’t over-powering. To date I’ve used about half-a-pound of my maple flavored coffee at home in Minnesota and each time I grind this Red Leaf Coffee, it reminds me of not just eating maple syrup pancakes from when I was a child, but of a wonderful breakfast I recently had at Maple Street Biscuits in Jacksonville Beach.

So the next time you are in Jacksonville Beach, head on over to 3rd Street where the Maple Street Biscuits are so sweet.