All around me is the bustle of life
yet I imagine myself on a beach
my toes placed within the cold sand

a restless dream within an hourglass.
The sunshine warms my soul from head to toe
a poignant reminder that all things die,

as the hush of the wind is deafening
the kind of serenity I’m seeking.
I open my eyes to a commotion

unfamiliar voices being spoken
cars honking a musical lullaby
my destination is awaiting me.

I calmly take a breath and feign a smile,
the sands of the beach will wait awhile.

Authors note: When seeking inspiration for a new poem, I will often ask my Twitter followers for three words to help my creative through process. I received some great words which I included in this poem. Give these great people a follow on Twitter by just clicking on each of their Twitter handles here: @yugogirlm, @JSweit8573, @madbeyond and @MycBrimz.