loo – (n). a bathroom or toilet.

How many times have you walked into a restaurant and you really need to use the facilities (fancy word for toilet or bathroom)? For me, it is usually NOT a result of the food I’m about to eat, but as a result of the amount of water and other liquids I drink throughout the day. Often times I joke that I have the world’s smallest bladder because of the amount of time I spend going to the bathroom (sad story, but true).


Yet when ever I read a restaurant review on-line from sites such as Open Table, Yelp or even Foursquare, rarely does anyone ever comment on the quality and cleanliness of the bathroom. I mean for me, that can be a make or break decision on whether or not I want to come back to a restaurant. The reason being is that I believe the cleanliness of the bathroom often times is a reflection of perhaps how the overall restaurant is run. Perhaps a dirty bathroom means a dirty kitchen.

However, I will have to say that I was rather impressed by the recent renovation of a Burger King restaurant located near my office. The restaurant was sleek and modern, with the stainless steel accents and glass, tear drop lighting.


On this particular day, I was greeted by Courvoisier (yes that was his real name) and I noticed that he had a particular bounce in his step this day. He warmly greeted me to Burger King and after I ordered, I asked him where the loo was located. Now I’m not British, but I just like saying the word loo versus toilet.

Courvoisier motioned to his left (my right) once I corrected myself to say, “restroom.” Once I was done eating and drinking three glassed of water, it was time to check out the bathroom.

When I approached the bathroom, the first thing I noticed was the warm, brown woodgrain of the door. The door perfectly matched the interior of the restaurant, which I thought was a nice touch. Unlike other fast food restaurant bathroom doors, this door felt solid and heavy and I had to slightly use my right shoulder to push through the door.


When I walked into the bathroom, I was immediately surprised that this was indeed a bathroom fit for a king, as this loo only had one throne (okay, that went too far). However, what I noticed was how clean this restroom was. There was no paper on the ground and I could even tell that the sink had been recently wiped clean. To me, that was a good sign of great things happening at this particular location, let alone my own perception of the cleanliness of the overall kitchen.


Similar to the rest of this restaurant, the bathroom had also been recently remodeled. The bathroom felt warm, comfortable and even had a slight hint of cinnamon floating through the air, perhaps from the Cinnabon-mini’s that were made earlier in the day. The walls were tiled with both beige and grey tiles, whereas the floor tiles matched the rest of the restaurant. I found the contrasting wall tiles, soothing to the eye as I penned out a haiku on my phone (what, don’t say you never “tweeted from the seat).

Once I had completed by duties (I know, I know) it was time to go. Overall, both the food and my bathroom experience at this Burger King were exceptional. So the next time your bladder is shy, don’t be afraid and give this loo a try.