In my frail hands, I caress your smooth curves.
Your body I love ~ big, full and balanced.
I am nervous, but you temper my nerves.
All my bitterness, I have swashed away.

All of your essence ~ blackberry bouquet ~
I bring you in close, inhaling your scent.
Of your black currants, you give me a hint.
I swirl you gently ~ your legs heaven sent.

Whereas I am astringent and flabby,
You are luscious, brilliant and rounded.
I’ll never glibly profess love for you,
as it is you I have always hounded.

Divine is my love named Quintessa.
She is poetry in a bottle.

Day 11: NaPoWriMo Prompt: A Wine Love Poem (Extra Bonus for word of the day ‘glib’)