According to Washington Post, the low-carbohydrate food products market was estimated to be approximately a $3.0 billion industry in 2005. At the height of the low-carb diet phase, such as The South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet, it was estimated that were 15 to 16 national distributors of low carb-products, but by the middle of 2005, there was only one remaining. And for me, that was devastating as I was a devotee of The South Beach Diet and had successfully lost over 40 pounds on a low-carb diet lifestyle. So for the past ten years, I’ve searched, without much success, at finding great tasting, high protein snacks until I recently discovered Protein Bites from Novo Nutrition from Leeds in the United Kingdom.

You see, earlier this week I was at the doctor’s office for an annual physical and I was told that I had a severe Vitamin-D deficiency. I guess the fact I love the heat, but hate the sun contributes to a lack of Vitamin-D. Who would have figured? Certainly not me, alas I trudged my way over to the brand new GNC store located in the newly remodeled Knollwood Mall in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. My sole purpose was to head into GNC and get my Vitamin-D (oops, I rhymed), but when I asked for direction to their protein bars,  the Protein Bites snack pack caught my eye. I was very intrigued at the fact that I could get a protein filled snack, that had only 150 calories, a very low 12 carbohydrates per pack, only 3 grams of fat per back, but a whopping 20 grams of protein.

Protein snacks

Having fallen for the “label” before and having tried many not so great tasting low-carb products over the years, I at first hesitated and then twice about whether or not I wanted to try the Sour Cream & Onion Protein Bites, but now I’m so glad I did. Each piece packed a punch of protein and the Sour Cream & Onion flavor was actually quite tasty. There was no grittiness of other previously tried low-carb products, nor did the Protein Bites taste like a piece of cardboard like other low-carb products I’ve tried. I can’t wait to try the Grilled Chicken and the Peri Peri Chilli flavors to see if they are equally as tasty as the Sour Cream & Onion.

The Product Poet

As indicated on the package, Protein Bites are also suitable for vegetarians and with three different flavors, so don’t hesitate for your Protein Bite snack date.

As for me and my weight, over the past two months I’ve managed to drop about 11 pounds. I still have a long ways to go to get back to my ideal weight, but thanks to Protein Bites it will be worth the wait.

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