Located in the Cathedral Hill area of Saint Paul, Minnesota, you will find one of my favorite, romantic restaurants in the Twin Cities, in W.A. Frost and Company. Proudly serving Twin Citieans since 1975, year-in-year-out W.A. Frost continues to win awards for its outstanding wine selection, American food and one of the best patios for outdoor dining. So for a party of two or a party of 25, W.A. Frost can accommodate all of your needs and everyone will be pleased.

As for me, last night I attended a birthday party where we had a private room for 15. Even though W.A. Frost has an amazing wine list, being oenophile (fancy word for wine snob) myself, we brought several bottles from our home cellar and with only a $15 corkage (or is that uncorkage) fee, that’s pretty reasonable for a guest. Usually when I’m in a restaurant, I do like to peruse through their wine list to see if their markup on wine is reasonable or not and I found W.A. Frost’s wine list to be reasonably priced. Some wines were clearly over-marked, some were under-marked and like Goldilocks eating porridge, some were just right.

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After our drinks were poured, our appetizers arrived. As mentioned in other posts, I tend to order family style and tonight was no different. We ordered the artichoke spinach dip with lavash flatbread, the Korean barbecue chicken wings, the cold smoked trout and the Chef’s charcuterie. Everyone really seemed to enjoy all the appetizers, but my non-scientific survey of our group revealed our favorites to be the ocean smoked trout and the artichoke spinach dip. Speaking of the artichoke spinach dip, I’m pleasantly reminded today that the roof of my mouth was burned because the dip was so hot in the skillet, but I ate so much of it really fast.

Next up was the main course meal. Lately I’ve been particularly fond of fish, so I ordered the pan roasted Scottish ocean trout, served with brussels sprouts, fingerling potatoes and in a horseradish sabayon. Although I typically don’t care for horseradish, the sabayon sauce wasn’t overpowering and the trout was perfectly cooked and served with the crispy skin skill intact. My oh my, you have to try. Next up was the pan roasted barramundi, which is an Asian sea bass. Just like the ocean trout, the chefs at W.A. Frost perfectly cooked the barramundi yet I was so full I couldn’t finish my leftovers. In addition to my meal, several at our table ordered burgers, salads, but the real winner tonight was the torchio pasta that my mother ordered. I think my mother ate it so fast that I didn’t even get to try a bite.

Lastly we moved onto dessert, where we ordered the S’mores Bar, the buttermilk cake, the carrot cake cannoli, the chocolate mousse cake and a classic crème brûlée. My favorite was the S’Mores Bar, which is a deconstructed dessert  with a passion fruit sauce, flurry hickory marshmallow, a graham cracker crumble and topped with a banana ice cream. And to top it off, we had the most interesting presentation of birthday candles. Instead of putting candles on the dessert, two candles were placed on a plate of candle wax leaning up against one another.

So if you are looking for a romantic restaurant in St. Paul, Minnesota, stop on by W.A. Frost and Company for a great night of food, wine, conversations and memories:

From the great ambiance
to a romantic cooked meal
head to W.A. Frost
perhaps a kiss you will steal.

[hr gap=”2″] W.A. Frost & Company is located in historic Cathedral Hill, in the Dacotah Building, located at 374 Selby Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102. Telephone is 651-224-5715. Off-street parking lots available off of Selby Avenue and Western Avenue. Dining room hours are: Lunch: Mon – Fri 11:00am – 1:30pm; Brunch: Sat/Sun 10:30am – 2:00pm; and Dinner: Mon – Sun 5:00pm – 10pm. Bar Hours are Sun – Thurs 11:00am – midnight and Fri/Sat 11:00am – 1:00am.W.A. Frost is closed on some holidays. Please call to confirm. Current menus can be found here.