On Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota is a restaurant that Adam Richman of Man vs. Food described as one of the top five meals in America not to be missed. Brasa Restaurant is a premium rotisserie that uses all natural, local and organic food, including meats and vegetables.

We’ve been to Brasa before both at their Minneapolis location and their Saint Paul location, but make sure you’re prepared for a little wait for dinner as people are lined up in and outside of the restaurant waiting to get this exquisite, yet casual dining meal.

Brasa Rotisserie’s creole inspired menu consists of proteins, side entrees, breads, sandwiches, beverages as well as desserts. We started off our meal with their homemade chips and guacamole. The chips were lightly salted and had the perfect crunch as we dipped away into the smooth, not chunky guacamole. Now, I always prefer a little more spice in my guac, but everyone enjoyed our appetizer.

For our main entrees, our proteins consisted of the four piece rotisserie chicken, the pulled chicken, the slow roasted pork and the smoked beef. Given that I don’t dig on swine, I thought the smoked beef was rather divine. You can also order catfish and all of the proteins come in three different sizes or piece increments (small, medium and large or one piece, two pieces, etc.). We typically order the medium size, which serves one to two people, but with prices from $9.65 to $14.50 per entree, this can make for an expensive night out for a family of four.

For sides we ordered the macaroni and cheese, the fried plantains and the cornbread. To quote my eldest lad on the macaroni and cheese, “This is amazing.” For the fried plantains, all that was available tonight were green plantains, which were perfectly prepared and was a great combination of savory, saltiness and sweet. It was a great treat. The cornbread was just okay as I always like to have jalapenos added to my cornbread for just the right amount of spice.

For all of gluten-free friends, you will be pleased to note that all of Brasa Rotisserie’s food is gluten-fee except their sandwich rolls, sliced bread, cornbread and macaroni. But what I really love about Brasa Rotisserie is their commitment to local farmers and producers as their source free-range and pasture-raised meats, eggs and dairy. Yes I know this has the potential to increase pricing, but I know how I good I feel knowing I’m eating a cleaner meal. Total meal, with tip came to $90.00, which wasn’t too shabby for food that’s not flabby.

So as always, here is my review, but this time, it’s in a cinqku:

meats and treats
a tasty meal.
Rotisseried tummies
of bliss.