1926 was quite the good year.
Born were Hugh Hefner and Norma Jean too.
But with tremendous fanfare cheer,
Along came you.

Northwest Airway was your name.
Soon passengers you would fly.
Delivering mail was your game.
In Hamilton Forty Fives.

Northwest Airlines you became.
Minnesota was your bed.
The Japan route your new fame.
Your backside now painted red.

Transatlantic expansion.
NWA now your name.
Passengers with such passion.
Loved you with such acclaim.

With Republic you did merge.
A slow dance with Al Checci.
But oil prices did surge.
Finally, a bankruptcy.

You were my first, not my last.
Over the years, you have changed.
Longing for times of the past.
Some of your faithful estranged.

Your red tail, now painted blue.
Accepting the Delta change.
It has been, hard on us too.
Wish you were still, on the Range.