As previously mentioned in my post, A Celebration of Pi, today is March 14th, where we celebrate the best mathematical number Pi or 3.14159. In honor of Pi and my love for haiku, I’ve teamed up with Zazzle for a Pi Haiku Sweepstakes. A link with all the legal, mumbo jumbo and rules is here for the official rules directly from the Zazzle website.

Zazzle is a very cool website that allows individuals or companies to make products and sell them to people who would be interested. They eliminate the hassle of finding your own manufacturing facility and allow you to earn royalties for your products, such as those that can be found on my store here. At Zazzle, their technologies are all about turning your dreams into reality. They’re tackling some of the hardest technical challenges around. And they’re not only developing cutting-edge software innovations, but also never-before-seen hardware and manufacturing systems. Their products let you… be you! They’re deeply passionate about providing you with an opportunity to be yourself through customization. And they’re committed to offering the highest quality custom products in the world, in an ever-expanding array of categories.

So how can you participate in the #PiHaiku Sweepstakes and more importantly, what can you win?

From 12:00am Pacific Time today, Saturday 3/14/15 until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday 3/14/15, you must simply:

  • Follow @Zazzle and @ProductPoet on Twitter
  • Send a haiku poem tweet with the words “Pi” or “pie” to @Zazzle and @ProductPoet
  • Include the hashtag #PiHaiku
  • Include a Photo.

A haiku is typically a three-line poem, consisting of 17 syllables. The first line has five syllables, the second line has seven and the third line has five, respectively. While traditional haiku consist of poems that are centered towards nature, I write haiku on a daily basis for storytelling purposes. The haiku is a great form of micro-poetry ideally suited for a social networking platform such as Twitter. And if my description wasn’t vivid enough, you can watch my “How To Haiku” Vine below.

Randomly selected winners will have the opportunity to win these cool prizes:

So all you have to do, to celebrate Pi Day with me, is send a #PiHaiku tweet, to Zazzle and TPP.

[Tweet “#PiHaiku Sweepstakes Contest”]