The joy of a son
Looking up to his father
Not understanding his words
I tried not to bother.

I was perhaps, two or three
When this man, previously
Suddenly and abruptly
Walked out on me.

Not understanding
What it was about
I proceeded to wail
I proceeded to pout.

I looked in my Mom’s eyes
My tears were quite wetter
She gave me a hug
I knew we were better.

As her hug was tight
It felt just right
With her gentle embrace
Besides my now warm face.

Remembering when I was around five
It was the winter season
I suddenly peered out our windows
For an unknown reason.

The snowflakes were falling
On the evergreen trees
But across the street
Someone was staring at me.

He waved quickly
I waved back
Suddenly he was gone
No time to react.

I asked my Mom
If she did see
But she continued to sit there
Shaking uncontrollably.

Suddenly she jumped up
Didn’t say a word
Dialed 9-1-1
Her words were not heard.

Five minutes later
At our door was a cop
My Mom and the officer
Asked me if I saw my Pops.

My Pops, my dad
Could that be the man
Who abruptly walked out
Years ago on me?

I said I don’t know
I can’t remember his face
All I remember is
Mom’s clutching warm embrace.

Many years later, I found out why
On that day, what my Pops had tried.

He wanted to take me home
That home was called hell
It was a wicked place
My Pops knew quite well.

He wanted to drag me down
Put on my Mom’s face
A permanent frown
Of the strangest disgrace.

I could have died
If for some unknown reason
My thoughts were not plied
In that cold winter season.