Today’s NaPoWriMo prompt made me chuckle as it pertains to the utilization of poetry in advertising.

You see, my name is The Product Poet and for years I have been waxing on poetically of my love for brands such as Hilton Hotels and Jimmy Johns.

For almost the last two years, I have written (okay tweeted) about, or to, the brands and products I use on a daily basis. I write them haiku and couplets and guess what, many of them respond back in haiku and rhyme. It’s magical.

In fact, Digiday recently published an article, The Life of Those That Tweet Brands. I even had my own category. Go figure.

Therefore, on the 10th day of National Poetry Writing Month, I find it fitting that the below haiku, which is displayed on my business card, be shared with all of you. Stay classy and stay thirsty, my friends.

An Ode To The Product Poet

Unique elixir.
Product placement poetry.
Blended together.