May I ask you seven questions, God?

Jesus, what were you thinking, God?

  • I’d be your servant?
  • I’d love and honor you?
  • I’d not say your name in vain like a serpent?

Jesus, why would you inflict your pain, God?

  • Are you angry at me?
  • Are you teaching me a lesson?
  • Are you showing your disapproval in thee?

Jesus, where were you in my time of need, God?

  • Were you snoring?
  • Were you not listening?
  • Were you finding me boring?

Jesus, when will we meet again, God?

  • Perhaps today?
  • Perhaps tomorrow?
  • Perhaps never ever?

Jesus, who do you think I am, God?

  • A man?
  • A woman?
  • A cowardly lion?

Jesus, how can I have faith in you, God, when I don’t believe in myself?

Day 14: NaPoWriMo Prompt: A Question Poem.