For those of you that follow me on Twitter (subtle hint to follow me here), you may have picked up the fact that I am somewhat of a oenophile (fancy word for wine snob). As such, I received complementary from Bella Home International, a beautiful hand-painted and lacquered, single-bottle wine rack.

Bella Home International offers several different options, which you can find here, and the one that I have in my home is orange and black and adorned with beautifully painted flowers.

When I first received this hand-painted, single bottle wine rack, it did take me a little while to figure out how to properly balance a bottle of wine. I found some bottles were too bottom heavy and were difficult to balance; however, I found the perfect bottle of Pinot noir to display in my kitchen.

Many times our guests have complemented us on such Bella Home International’s wine rack, which is constructed with craftsmanship. The painted flowers on the wine rack are vibrantly painted and even through our wine rack has been handled by many people, it still looks as beautiful as the day we received it from Bella Home International.

In fact, when our shipment arrived we also received with our single-bottle wine rack, a fleur-de-lis wine bottle stopper, which is perfect for when you have extra wine that you aren’t quite ready to discard. Simply placed your wine stopper in your bottle and you will be able to get a couple extra days out of your wine.

So if you are looking for a unique gift for a family member or friend, I would highly recommend you pick up a hand-painted, lacquered single-bottle wine rack from Bella Home International.

So without further ado, here is my review in haiku:

Beautiful display.
Almost too pretty to touch.
Flowers so vibrant.

Here is also a short video where you can see the beauty of the Bella Home International hand-painted and lacquered, single-bottle wine rack: