Is running with Apple AirPods is the technological equivalent of running with scissors?

I was told as a child “no running with scissors.” Truth be told, I ran with scissors a lot. Yet not once did I fall and stab myself or anyone else for that matter.

You see, when it comes to running, unless I’ve misplaced my headphones, I always listen to music. And during my cool down, I secretly I play Candy Crush. Don’t judge. It’s addicting.

Since my first iPod in 2002, I’ve caught my wired headphones on more treadmills than I would like to admit.I found that my wired headphones took a beating from my sweat and tears and occasional treadmill mishap.

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Perhaps eight years or so ago, I purchased my first wireless headphones, an early version of the Motorola Bluetooth headphones. I felt hip as I was no longer tethered to my phone in my hand or armband.

Sadly, those Motorola headphones were not comfortable. I always felt like there was a weight behind my head pressing against my neck. If I was lifting weights and pressing my head against a backboard, inevitably the headphones would pop out of my ears.

Since my first foray into wireless headphones, I’ve purchased perhaps five or six different type of wireless headphones. As Bluetooth and iPhone technology improved, the performance of my headphones improved as well.

The price of Bluetooth headphones has come down dramatically over the years. My favorite place to buy Bluetooth headphones has been T.J. Maxx. That’s right. Right before you check out they tend to have a decent amount of decent wireless headphones for around $20. To me that’s a good deal.

However, I really became intrigued with the Apple AirPods. Unlike my other wireless headphones, the Apple AirPods are not connected to one another via a cord. These were simply little tiny pods that you could put into your ear.

Think of this as the traditional Apple headphone but the cord just snipped off about an inch below the headphone.

Apple AirPods sitting comfortably in my ear.

I had been rather hesitant to want to buy the Apple AirPods due to a) the price – about $150 if you can find them; 2) the fear of losing them or washing them in my pants – I’ve ruined so many corded headphones to the washer; and d) could I run with the AirPods without them falling out?

Pairing Apple AirPods

Alas about two months ago I was able to miraculously get my hands on a pair of Apple AirPods.

Within about five minutes I had my Apple AirPods paired with my iPhone. About an hour later I was running with AirPods for the first time.

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods come in a great case that charges at the same time.

The pairing process was simple. Open up the case and press the button on the back side of the case. A white light begins to blink and before you know it your device will be paired. I have paired my AirPods to an iPhone 6s+ and a MacBook Pro.

Charging Apple AirPods

According to Apple, 15 minutes in the charging case will give you three hours of listening time. You should expect five hours of battery life on one charge and up to 24 battery life with the charging case.

Apple AirPods
Charging your Apple AirPods is easy with the lightning connector.

Just plug in the charging case and not only will the charging case charge. If your Apple AirPods are inside, they will charge as well. Flip open the case and you can see the battery levels on your iPhone. That’s pretty cool.

Apple AirPods
Checking battery levels is easy with the Apple AirPods.

Running with Apple AirPods

So for my first run I was very hesitant to use my new Apple AirPods. I for sure thought that due to my sweating and the bouncing up and down on the treadmill, that I would for sure be picking up one of my AirPods off the floor.

But guess what happened? Absolutely nothing. I sweated, ran hard (roughly a 7’30” pace) and completed my 5k and my Apple AirPods stayed perfectly in my ears.

I was shocked and amazed.

Since that first run, I have run 15 times with my Apple AirPods logging nearly 50 miles. Not once have my Apple AirPods slipped out of my ears and the sound quality has been better than any of my previous wireless headphones.

The first time I used my Apple AirPods for running, I was a little confused about how to turn up the volume or change a song. I figured out that there is an option that when you double-tap on the Apple AirPods, you can either speak to Siri or Play/Pause the music.

Apple AirPods
Options for double tapping on Apple AirPods.

I tried to use Siri for the first couple of times to change my volume, but because I was huffing and puffing, Siri had a difficult time understanding me. The volume control would only go up one volume level. Therefore, I opted to switch the double-tap to Play/Pause music.

Granted, by removing one of the Apple AirPods from your ear this also stops the music. Put back the Apple AirPods in to your ear and the music starts to play. Another great feature of the Apple AirPods.

Non-Running Apple AirPods Features

But you’re probably wondering do I only use my Apple AirPods for running or walking? The answer to your question is definitely no.

The Apple AirPods are so comfortable that I prefer to use them while making telephone calls and recording videos. Often I forget that they are even in my ears.

As for music quality I think the Apple AirPods are superior to the wired Apple headphones, but if you are looking for great quality sound, these might not be your best choice.

But if you’re just like me that loves to hear good quality music then the Apple AirPods might be perfect for you.

As far as sound quality goes for telephone calls, I find the Apple AirPods to be the best wireless Bluetooth headphones I have yet to use.

In fact, even when driving in my car, I prefer to use the Apple AirPods versus my built-in Bluetooth within the car.

People on the receiving end of my calls have commented the sound quality is superior to the calls being made within the Bluetooth speakers of my car.

Apple AirPods Dislikes

So what don’t I like about my Apple AirPods?

So far, nothing really that important. I sometimes forget to bring my charging case to store my headphones, which has resulted in my battery dying a couple of times. I’ve also had the charger case slip out of my running shorts a couple of times.

I also really liked the fact that when I had a wireless headphone that was corded between the two earphones I could pull them out and drape them around my neck as I walked around. This has taken a little adjustment for me, but once the adjustment was made I wouldn’t trade in my Apple AirPods for any other wireless headphone.

And I’ve yet to wash my Apple AirPods in my jeans or running shorts, so I guess that is a good sign. I can’t say that about my back up wired Apple headphones. They were washed two weeks ago and no longer work.

So Far So Good – I Love My Apple AirPods

So if you are looking to run with scissors or run with Apple AirPods, just be careful. If you pay attention like me, you shouldn’t fall down, stab someone or hurt yourself. However, you may just have your best running experience to date. And I think that is great.