I was perusing through one of my Twitter lists, PP’s Precious Peeps, and I noticed that Dirt Devil is having an awesome factory sale today, November 19th, until 11:59pm ET.

If you click here and enter in the password FRIENDS2014, you will then be taken into the Factory Sale. Today’s deal is a 50% off the Dirt Devil Quick & Light™ Carpet Washer. Seems like an excellent deal to me.

Now, I know what you are thinking, “Great Carpet Washer,” but what is this “Twitter lists” that I am talking about? Twitter lists are a great way of organizing tweets into various categories. The reason why I use Twitter lists is that I have over 90,000 people that I follow and sorting through a main Twitter feed can be quite a difficult task.

In fact, I rarely ever read my home feed just simply because the velocity and speed of which the tweets fly by make this rather difficult, so this is where lists come in to play.

Currently, I have many lists, some of which are public lists that people can subscribe as well as private lists that are only for my perusal. If you make a private list only you can see who you’ve included in this list and more importantly, the people added to this list do not know that they have been added. Think of this private list as your cloaking device for creeping in on your kids tweets or even perhaps a business competitor.

However, the vast majority of my lists are public lists and every time I add someone to a list, they should get a notification that they have been added. So therefore, I have many different lists depending on what I am trying to read. Some are for brands, others are for poets and some are just for following along of tweets of people that I find need. Please note, just because you add someone to a list, also doesn’t mean that you have to follow on Twitter. Another little trick for not missing out on tweets or people simply because you don’t follow them as well as not having to use a precious follow if you have hit the maximum amount of people Twitter will allow you to follow.

Twitter is an amazing social media network for keeping up to date with your interests, but I found that I was incredibly overwhelmed with trying to catch up on tweets until I started making a list.

So start making your lists, check them twice. You’ll then always know, who’s naughty or nice.

Photo courtesy of Dirt Devil via Twitter.