Well I finally made it to the “Great Minnesota Get Together” or more properly known as the Minnesota State Fair. When it comes to the Minnesota State Fair, there are so many choices of food, yet I always know how my evening will end, with a bucket of chocolate chip cookies from Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar.

According to Sweet Martha’s website, “Saint Paul native, Martha Rossini Olson (a.k.a. Sweet Martha) has been selling her oven-hot, baked on the spot chocolate chip cookies for over 30 years. Along with her partners, husband Gary Olson, life-long friend Neil O’Leary and his wife Brenda, Martha created a sweet treat that has not only reached its height of success at the Minnesota State Fair, but also has spread to homes state-wide through it’s popular frozen cookie dough sold in grocer’s freezers.”

I have been a huge fan of Sweet Martha’s cookies for many years. In fact, my eldest lad attended Saint Thomas Academy, where many of Martha’s relatives have attended, so thankfully I’ve been able to get a Sweet Martha cookie fix outside of the Minnesota State Fair.

According to a recent StarTribune article, the magic of Sweet Martha’s comes down to perfectly combining the ingredients under the very skilful eye of a select few mixers. Yet, for me what really makes Sweet Martha’s special is getting an over-flowing bucket of warm, right out-of-the oven chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet Martha's

So this past weekend, we arrived at the Minnesota State Fair around 4pm. Generally I prefer to attend the Minnesota State Fair later in the afternoon to avoid the rush of people and typically warmer weather. When we arrived, the temperatures were nearly still hovering around 90 degrees, with about a 70% humidity level. It was definitely still very sticky.

Everyone in our group always gets to choose their particular food of choice and there are many food items, such as alligator on a stick, bacon on a stick and even Scotch Eggs. This year also included a special Minnesota Brewers exhibit which was a great way to sample a variety of Minnesota brews.

Interesting enough, no one in our group of eight chose anything on a stick. We partook in cheese curds, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, roasted corn (my pic), milkshakes, gyros, snow cones and beer. Well beer isn’t really a food group, but we still counted that as one of our options. Lastly, per our tradition, we head to Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar for a bucket or two.

When you come to Sweet Martha’s, you will notice that regardless of the time of day, there is always a large line for cookies and ice-cold milk. What a better way to end a day of feasting than with a sheet-and-a-half of chocolate chip cookies. Yes, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Sweet Martha's

The trick to eating a bucket of hot, Sweet Martha’s cookies is to eat just enough of the massive pile, so that you can close the lid of the bucket to take home with you at the end of the night. Since we always eat Sweet Martha’s cookies right before we leave, there is always a tug-of-war to see who gets to take home the bucket. As our luck would have it, we actually had two buckets for our group of eight. Everyone left home a winner after our dessert and dinner.

Even as I sit here writing this article, I can still recall the sweet taste of Sweet Martha’s chocolate chip cookies. So the next time you have a craving for something sweet like me, head to the Minnesota State Fair and get a Sweet Martha’s bucket or three; however, if you have a hankering for Sweet Martha’s cookies outside of the Minnesota State Fair, you can find their frozen cookie dough here at several different grocery store chains. There is no debate, these cookies are great.

Sweet Martha’s Cookie Jar can be found near the main grandstand at the Minnesota State Fair. You can be really awesome if you like their Facebook page here, follow them on Twitter here and Instagram here.