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Memories Fading

This morn the sunlight at Dawn's breaking. Orange dreamiscles are melting.... ... Read More


Held together by matrimony bonds... need for wanton infidelity. The vow until death we cannot abscond... ...we're committed to our loyalty. We're one as two, with our devotion... ...our steadfastness love, without treachery. Functioning as... Read More

Happiness From Within

We are all victims of pain. But I feign my true feelings. Not serendipitous... ...nor rather auspicious. Fighting for another day. We all encounter sorrow. Tomorrow I hope brings change. A month opportune... I hope not to... Read More

Desire From Within

I am shaking off my rust. Longing to earn back your trust. Singing the same song... ...of doing you wrong. Please do not douse my fire. I am about to combust. Thirsting for passionate lust. My broken... Read More

Within My Abyss

The depth of the chasm, inside my black hole... ...I am squinting with feigned, stained acuity. Climbing out my crevice, it's taking a toll... ...the widening fissure, of vacuity. Stuck in my hollow pit,... Read More

Torment From Within

Striving for perfection... ...seeking your attention. Torment from within... ...for no good reason. Your approval I seek. Despite my complexion... ...I see your dejection. You say I am useless... ...I now believe it's true. A target of the meek. The... Read More

“Sleep” – National Poetry Month – Erasure Prompt

At night, in June, the moon. Exhales softly the quiet music on the grave; the wave the fog The rest; the lake i take, awake. sleep with her ! O, lady o the night wanton bodi in and out, And fully fri g id thy slumb'ring soul lies o'er the lady dreaming of the garden ! Strange all silentless! sleep ! Oh, sleep, be... Read More

Voices From Within

Good morning sir, how are you today? The same dialogue spoken each day. My thoughts I arrange... ...I am not deranged. Mad as a March hare, how they describe me. We sit together on the... Read More

Murderers Ballad – National Poetry Month – Day 25

Terror From Within I wait, for you, but you, don't see. Buck's Row, you walk around. Your job, you do, does disgust me. You do, not make, a sound. It's you, I greet, my "name"... Read More

Rotten from Within

Our total dejection. The White House in shambles. Our Nation's complexion. Political scrambles. The gridlock in D.C. Our total confusion. No one is wrong or right. Magical illusions. The great Puppeteer's plight. Traffic jams surround me. Our total frustration. New bills... Read More