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Hey Bub’s? Ugly Never Looked So Good

Just off of Main Street in Old Town Carmel, Indiana, you will find possibly one of the best tasting and largest hamburgers you will ever encounter at Bub's Burgers &... Read More

The Waterfront Beach Resort by Hilton

Since early 2000, I estimate I have stayed nearly 1,000 nights at hotels for business and personal travel. I am a member of multiple hotel loyalty programs, but as of... Read More

Pieology Pizzeria Will Please Ya

Today I had the opportunity to visit Pieology Pizzeria in St. Paul Minnesota's Highland Park neighborhood. This location opened on October 28th and is owned by Minnesota Vikings player Matt... Read More

8 new Twitter photo filters rolled out

As I was just about to tweet out my latest picture of my Jimmy John's awesome lunch, I noticed that in Twitter's iOS application, it has replaced its photo filters... Read More

What is #GivingTuesday? A day “Tue” give back.

Many of my on-line friends only know the day of the week based upon a particular hashtag. Last Friday it was #BlackFriday for in-store shopping. Then yesterday it was #CyberMonday... Read More

Afrah + Shawarma = Pure Bliss

When I travel around the United States, I resort to looking up new and exciting restaurants that I wouldn't otherwise find. My trusty sidekick is my eldest lad who is... Read More

What’s an Upsie? It’s the new way to warranty.

So I recently came across a new company called Upsie. So what the heck is an Upsie? The only time I ever have even heard of this term was when... Read More

Need a vacation? You should know Barceló.

Over the December holidays, I'll be heading back to Maya Riviera in Mexico for a third consecutive year. I've become a real pro at knowing what to eat, what to... Read More

Do you love cheesecake? Muddy Paws can’t be beat.

Each and everyone us has a "go-to" dessert when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. Some of use sneak pieces of candy during the day (note: this is not... Read More

My Review of The Burger King Loo

loo - (n). a bathroom or toilet. How many times have you walked into a restaurant and you really need to use the facilities (fancy word for toilet or bathroom)? For... Read More