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An Open Letter to Mother Earth – National Poetry Month – Day 22 Prompt

Dear Mother Earth, We are sorry. We are sorry for your disrepair. We are sorry for neglecting you. We are sorry for your desolation. We are sorry for treating you bad. I am sorry. We are thankful. We... Read More

Within the Union

Jack and John, they went to court... get, a license, for marriage. But the clerk, did not support... ...only, wanting, to disparage. Despite pleas, they took their keys... ...and left, for a different state. Ending... Read More

Beauty From Within

Wearing red lipstick, showing a smile... ...hiding my feelings, not trying to frown. My beautiful dress, but I feel vile... ...bony and skinny, in my couture gown. A catwalk called Life, I walk it... Read More