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I Am An (Anti) Social Media Expert

By on August 28, 2017

In real life I have 14 Facebook friends and 56 people who now follow me on Twitter, yet I am a social media expert. Most of the connections I have are acquaintances I have met over the years due to my investment banking career, or my Chief Executive Officer or Chief Operating Officer roles. For […]

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My New Blogging Milestone

By on June 2, 2015

Over the past several months as I have begun to publish and write more here on, in the month of May I reached a new milestone for myself as a writer slash blogger slash poet. To some, this might not seem like a huge milestone, but for me it was something I have worked […]

7 Great Tips From The 30 Day Blogging Challenge

By on March 17, 2015

Thirty two days ago, I stumbled across a tweet mentioning a "30 Day Blogging Challenge" in which the challenge was to write 30 different posts, one-a-day, for 30 consecutive days. I always like a great challenge and this challenge from Sarah at Sark e-Media, seemed like a great way to get my creative juices flowing. You see, my website had almost always been poetry...

7 Fun Facts about Spring Break and Panama City Beach

By on March 6, 2015

As we get ready to head to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break this year, we will be returning back to The Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa. Although last year I was touring colleges for my eldest lad over Spring Break, for four years leading up to Spring Break of 2013, we owned a beachside condominium in Panama City Beach, Florida, the unofficial Spring...

The Art of Unfriending on Facebook

By on March 4, 2015

When it comes to social media, some might say that in real life I am anti-social. My non-poetic, non-anonymous self has a total of 31 friends on Facebook and 14 followers on Twitter, as compared to approximately 10,000 "Likes" on my Facebook author page and over 150,000 followers on Twitter. Since I am rather social on social media as my fictitious character...

The Minnesota Accent Contest: You Bet’cha

By on March 2, 2015

On Wednesday March 4th, I will be self-promoting a contest on Twitter, Vine andĀ Instagram with a soon to be named Minnesota company where they are going to be rewarding someone with the best Minnesotan accent some groovy Minnesota related prizes. I'll have more details Wednesday, but for anyone that isn't sure what the Minnesota accent sounds like, I found this groovy video from voice...

The Ultimate Kids Helmet Accessory: Pogginz

By on March 1, 2015

I'm not sure about you, but getting my youngest lad to use any type of helmet is often times a challenge. There have been many times where I've seen him race down our street, without a helmet on, only for him to hear my screams at the top of my lungs to get back into the house. When I would ask him why he...

Celebrate National Cereal Day March 7th

By on February 26, 2015

One of my favorite days of the year is just around the corner. No it's not my birthday. No it's not the 4th of July. It's of course National Cereal Day on March 7th. However this year I will be en-route to Mexico, but before I head to the airport I will sit down with a bowl of Honey Nut CheeriosĀ and enjoy a delicious...

You will feel good with TWOSOME Socks

By on February 25, 2015

One of the things I really enjoy about when it comes to writing about fashion, is finding a product that not only provides a great product, but has a great mission of helping others in need. As I've written about other "social conscientious" companies in the past, I wanted to introduce you to TWOSOME Sock Co., out of Rancho Santa Margarita, California. TWOSOME has...

Unlocking the Mystery of Trunk Club

By on February 18, 2015

In the 1999 movie Fight Club, starring Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, after an unfortunate event, two men leading a somewhat boring life, decide to create an underground fight club to break up the monotony of their daily lives. In doing so, eight rules of the club were established with rules one and two being the same: You do not talk about Fight Club....