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Monetize Twitter Videos Coming Soon

With Twitter Engage, You May Be Able to Monetize Twitter Videos I love reading the blogs of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can often find some really great nuggets of... Read More

Will Customer Service on Twitter Be Changing?

This Subtle Change May Impact Brand Customer Service on Twitter Customer service on Twitter is difficult. There are brands doing an excellent job, brands doing a mediocre job and brands... Read More

The Tao of Branding and Haiku

When I was a young, I constantly asked questions to the point of being slightly annoying. Today, I continually ask questions to others and myself, mainly through social networking sites.... Read More

I’m #AppDicted To Love

I am #AppDicted. Need your social currency. Retweets, likes, favors.... ... Read More

An Ode to General Mills

Great products and brands, from General Mills. Each bite I do eat, my palate she thrills. National contents, baking recipes. Even a Doughboy, tickles my tummy. Researching new foods, cereals were born. At first 'twas... Read More

My Neck Hurts From Whiplash.

In addition to my day job, as well as continuing to write a fair amount or haikus and poems, I’ve been busy connecting networks to both Klout and Influenster to try... Read More

Bad Luck From Within

My wrinkled fingers reach in to my bag. I open my silver pocket mirror. A weathered face is now staring at me. Just like my facade, the mirror just cracked. Great. Seven more years... Read More

Branding From Within

You are your own brand, we each are unique. No need to trademark, the human symbol. Our identity... ...our own entity. Waiting to be infringed on by others. You are an asset, with hidden mystique. Faded... Read More

An Ode To P&G: Your Amazing Brands, Fulfill My Demands.

An Ode to P&G: Your Amazing Brands, Fulfill My Demands Eighteen Thirty Seven ‘Twas a very good year; A partnership was born Eliciting great cheer. How I love thee, my P&G. One making candles The other making... Read More

An Ode to Doc Pemberton

An Ode to John Stith "Doc" Pemberton Eighteen Thirty One A wonderful year; On a hot Georgian night The Doc did premier. An unshaven lad Without a cool stash; A Colonel he'd be Until a bad gash. A druggist... Read More