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Unrequited Love

My love, please do not take for granted. For one day I’ll be gone from here.... Read More

My Life

My life moves quickly, suddenly stops. Allergies prevent smelled flowers.... Read More

She Is Dying

As green fades to brown, she is dying. Slowly Mother Earth does exhale.... Read More

A World Filled With Chaos

Our Earth looks peaceful from high above. Yet down below there is chaos.... Read More

The Woods

Today’s reflection: At times I’m lost in the woods. Literarily.... Read More

A Smoldering Fire

My life, an ember always burning. A fire doused by the Moon’s light.... Read More

I Would So Tap That App

Her app I coyly press – she responds. Lovingly I push her buttons.... Read More

Hope I am Chasing

At times my mind is exhausted. I’m chasing Hope often not found.... Read More

My Lack of Energy

My legs are moving yet I am still. Kinetic energy today.... Read More

Under The Stars

The trees are aligned under the stars. Silently waiting for the sun.... Read More