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Sip The Day Away

I’ve Spring in my sip. I stop to smell the coffee. Sip sliding away.... Read More

Do you love coffee? Check out Stonehouse Coffee and Roastery.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, I will be heading back up to my brother-in-law's lake home in Nisswa, Minnesota, which is approximately two and a half hours north of the Twin Cities... Read More

The Bouquet

Each morning, a fresh bouquet of roses I caress in my worn and weathered hands. A delicate flower of bitterness tattooed upon her firm, olive toned skin. A strong body of perfection, though her nuttiness... Read More


Void of emotion, my eyes blankly stare... ...behind dark lenses, my eyes do not blink. Stoic expression, my nose breaths in air... ...a familiar scent, my nose slowly sinks. A loose conviction, I know... Read More

My Take on Chalk Thoughts

I am a coffee shop fiend. For many of us, we likely spend a fair amount of time in coffee shops. Whether it’s the atmosphere, the smell of freshly ground coffee... Read More