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A Zebra’s Stripes: An Abecedarian Poem

A is for Apple But not for Macintosh, but the apple that’s Crunchy, juicy and Delicious. E is for Elephant, the one I Find in my room, pink not Green,... Read More

Bet Your Bottom Dollars

Yesterday’s today. The sun came out tomorrow. Beautiful morning.... Read More

Product Placement Poetry

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt made me chuckle as it pertains to the utilization of poetry in advertising. You see, my name is The Product Poet and for years I have been waxing... Read More

Within The Fire

My weathered fingers, caressing your flame... ...rubbing together, as the crickets chirped. Your warmth around me, not knowing your name... ...the pine crackled, my feelings usurped. You begin to hiss, your embers turn white... ...ashes... Read More