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Day 11: NaPoWriMo – The Traffic Jam

On my pathed commute I hear honking. I stay in my my lane Flipping the bird A literary morsel. I’m passed by two Canadian geese. For Day 11 of National... Read More

Your Skipper

I’m your rock, skip skip skipping, across waterfall tears of tidal emotions.... Read More

My Temptress

In my frail hands, I caress your smooth curves. Your body I love ~ big, full and balanced. I am nervous, but you temper my nerves. All my bitterness, I have swashed away. All... Read More

Great Fall in China

I began to climb, China's wonder of the world, an amazing day, cracking my head like an egg. Am I now Humpty Dumpty?... ... Read More

Madness From Within

My internal dark rage, resting inside my head... ...your blood pressure rising, as I quietly sleep. Homicidal visions, conjured up in our bed... ...while I snore loudly, over to me you creep. You gently... Read More