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Day 14: NaPoWriMo – My Thoughts Swing

My Thoughts Swing Higher and higher I fly on life’s swing Not playing well in the silicate box. My thoughts come crashing down to the soft ground I ponder life... Read More

Poetry: An Acrostic Poem

Today for National Poetry Writing Month, I decided to deviate from a prompt and simply write an acrostic poem about poetry: Please Once Everyday Try to Right Yourself a wrong.... Read More

Really God?

May I ask you seven questions, God? Jesus, what were you thinking, God? I'd be your servant? I'd love and honor you? ... Read More

Passion From Within

I am on the bus, sitting in the back. A game we're playing, of black and white pawns. People around me, do not understand. Children looking at me, like I'm a mongrel. Frowns turn... Read More

Fury From Within

We each have our Fury. Mine is buried deep inside. Waiting to explode... a volcano. Wondering who she'll burn. Harnessing my Fury. But her tremors are coming. My own Richter scale... ...measures her progress. Many friendships she's spurned. Controlling... Read More