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A Plush Carpet

A blanket of snow. My memories carpeted. Fall leaves discovered. This haiku was in response to the Baffled Haiku Challenge on Twitter where the challenge word of the day is... Read More

My Dearest Leo

I am cloaked in darkness your warmth embraces me, though you were slain in vain you burn bright in the sky. You guide me by your name a month-long fight on Main, killed was your destiny the... Read More

Leaving On A Jetplane

Early morning flight. Carried thoughts on a winglet. Without resitance.... ... Read More

Chasing Rainbows

My thoughts cobbled together an endless search for a pot of gold. An aging mind my lucky charm reminiscing of old stories. "Once I captured a leipreach√°n, a dirty beard, jacket tattered. Seven rows of seven buttons, three wishes granted." What a racket. I still chase rainbows... Read More

Friendship From Within

Are you my friend? We first met in a sandbox. Around the age of four... ...we never kept the score. I miss my friend. Are you my friend? Our hopes and dreams we shared. Wondering what we'd... Read More