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My Fears Pushed Below

Below are my fears so far away. I push them down inside my mind.... Read More

An Ode to Robert Downey, Jr.

We first met April 28th in oh-eight I arrived at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in a NYC taxicab, I was late. I tipped Ahmed and stepped onto the hard bricks two small Klieg lights... Read More

National Poetry Month: Day 21 Prompt – My Fortune

Modern Day Lines For the Fortune CookiesI think you're wonderful and I liked you on Facebook.Just as Kim Kardashian is having Kanye's baby, so will you - you gold digger.You... Read More

Within My Mind

Within my mind, I heard the conflict. A battle between good and evil. Daily compulsion... own revulsion. Only the negative thoughts escaped. Within my mind, I felt so tricked. She has told me to do... Read More