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The Path of Righteousness

The fork, spoon feeding knife-like sharp words. Cutting a new path for today.... Read More

Where The Trolls Do Live

The trolls I know do argue a lot live on Twitter, they're not bots. These trolls spews facts, they do not know all the while, their blockers grow. But if you cross, these dirty... Read More

An Open Letter to Mother Earth – National Poetry Month – Day 22 Prompt

Dear Mother Earth, We are sorry. We are sorry for your disrepair. We are sorry for neglecting you. We are sorry for your desolation. We are sorry for treating you bad. I am sorry. We are thankful. We... Read More

Comfort From Within

I am cautiously optimistic. They say time cannot heal memories. Let me comfort you... ...hold you in my arms. I'll protect you from your fears. The pain you have, I understand. Shared experiences make us whole. Let... Read More