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Dear You: A Love Letter

Dear You, You don’t believe me when I say, “You are a beautiful person.” You don’t see the smiles each day You bring to all those around You. You don’t... Read More

Now The Flies

Today's NaPoWriMo prompt was take a poem for a different language and by just looking at the poem, rewrite the poem solely based off of words that may make different sounds.... Read More

Ode to Northwest Airlines

1926 was quite the good year. Born were Hugh Hefner and Norma Jean too. But with tremendous fanfare cheer, Along came you. Northwest Airway was your name. Soon passengers you would fly. Delivering mail was your... Read More

Bad Luck From Within

My wrinkled fingers reach in to my bag. I open my silver pocket mirror. A weathered face is now staring at me. Just like my facade, the mirror just cracked. Great. Seven more years... Read More