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Day 3: NaPoWriMo – A Fan Letter

The Purloined Letter Dearest Mr. Poe, This morning, The Black Cat, the one that had The Premature Burial, presented An Engima. At first, I thought it was The Angel of The... Read More

Love and Honor

It is not everyday that you make a big decision. I remember the day that you were born into this world, nearly eighteen years later we are setting you free. Yes I am... Read More

Learning Wisdom

My fortune cookie. Apropos words of wisdom. A lifelong learner.... ... Read More

The Decision ~ Part II

College decisions: A bedroom to remodel. Make It Miami?... ... Read More

I’m Charming

A rhino's smooth white horn, Two owl rough claws. My blackened mortar, Four zebra stripes fall. Three boa pink feathers, One scaly shark's skin. Two jellyfish eggs, I'm dropping them in. A pistil in my hand, I'm grinding my... Read More

Within The Mirror

Within the mirror, shattered dreams I see... ...a child and man, searching for meaning. Broken is the glass, longing to cut me... ...crying for help, my dreams I am cleaning. Swept under the rug... Read More