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Day 5: NaPoWriMo – A Seed By Any Other Name

I gaze in your maize and smell your inflorescence. You’re my Obsession. For Day 5 of National Poetry Writing Month, the prompt is to spend some time taking a look... Read More

It Was No Deal

It was no Deal yet I shopped with the Dead laid down my money for it was Night, as the selfie Belles pulled out their Phones. Twelve hours before Noon, it was the Frost on my Flesh I... Read More

Double Vision

I'm seeing double. Yet no forest through the trees. Clearly optical.... ... Read More


I turned on the radio, words we heard, seemed unbelievable. Surreal yet real. I remember the crisp air was cool. Tears began flowing - thoughts were raging - as we were attacked. Nineteen cowards... Read More

Smile From Within

The sun you do shine, your warmth on my face... pain still resides, but no tears I show. Buried deep inside, the warmth is displaced... ...but I cannot jump, off of a... Read More