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Day 7: NaPoWriMo – Tritina For The Ox

The Ox I awoke this morning stretching like an elongated eel. Looking in the mirror, I saw a former strong ox. Broken down, I felt miserable. Why do I wake up... Read More

Change in My Pocket

I like to say “I am rich with words but poor with money,” as my currency is measured in likes, favorites and retweets. I like to say “I’d die a... Read More

Dear Paige

My dearest Paige, It has been one day, since I last saw you and held you in my weathered hands. But each moment we're apart I feel I'm trapped in wet quicksand. As you, Paige,... Read More

Beauty From Within

Wearing red lipstick, showing a smile... ...hiding my feelings, not trying to frown. My beautiful dress, but I feel vile... ...bony and skinny, in my couture gown. A catwalk called Life, I walk it... Read More