Day 8: NaPoWriMo – The Iris

Bewildered iris. Rather epithelial. The eyes can’t smell fear. The prompt for Day 8 of National Poetry Writing Month was to write a poem about a flower. As I always love

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I’m Not An Elixir

Though my words are smooth I am not a unique elixir, as to be a tequila my words would have to reach ya. Therefore I’m a jimador with a humidor,

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~ after Ogden Nash or Shel Silverstein


Day 8: NaPoWriMo Prompt: Rewriting a famous poem….

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Within the Union

Jack and John, they went to court…
…to get, a license, for marriage.

But the clerk, did not support…
…only, wanting, to disparage.

Despite pleas, they took their keys…
…and left, for a different state.

Ending up, now overseas…
…first as friends, now as lifelong mates.

I recognize, humanity…
…I’m not the judge, nor the jury….

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Sadness From Within

Monday morning blues, I did trudge to work…
…the water cooler, buzzing with laughter.

Stories being told, some sound so berserk…
…your weekend conquests, your morning after.

I still nod my head, you telling old jokes…
…not asking of me, how was my weekend.

We both walk away, envy not invoked…
…your magical spell, on your “so-called” friends.

My phone soon does ring…

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