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Day 9: NaPoWriMo – What’s Your Name?

I always dreaded morning role call. “Mike,” asked the substitute teacher. “Here,” bellowed the pre-pubescent boy. “Beth,” said the monotone teacher. “Present,” giggled the ten year-old girl. “Clarence,” smirked the... Read More

The Rotting Core

Today’s Day 9 National Poetry Writing Month prompt was to write either a visual poem or calligram. A calligram is to write a poem in a specific shape or image. While... Read More

Honoring Hilton’s Hospitality

Today I was a guest speaker at Hilton Hotels & Resorts and DoubleTree by Hilton Socialite Camp held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. This was a new experience for... Read More


I Rise each day the same: The sweet sound of No Volveré is playing within my mind. I never win this game. My internal Groundhog Day. Turning the shower knob, "The world moves away from me." Yesterday's... Read More

Hope From Within

Perhaps today, my pain is washed away... ...baptized by life, an unorthodox rite. My soul to cleanse, but to whom should I pray... ...I'm lost as sea, on this treacherous night. Rise with the... Read More