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For today's erasure prompt, below you will find my "new" poem "He", an erasure poem of Billy Collins' "Hell", from Horoscopes for the Dead, Random House, New York, 2011. He I feel much worse ~ a... Read More


Today's Product Poet poetry prompt is an erasure poem. An erasure poem first starts with an original poem or speech and the writer simply starts to erase letters and words... Read More

An Erasure Poem of “I Have a Dream” by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Intro: An erasure poem is one in which a poet erases letters, words and sentences to give a new meaning to a poem or speech. In the United States, on... Read More

“Sleep” – National Poetry Month – Erasure Prompt

At night, in June, the moon. Exhales softly the quiet music on the grave; the wave the fog The rest; the lake i take, awake. sleep with her ! O, lady o the night wanton bodi in and out, And fully fri g id thy slumb'ring soul lies o'er the lady dreaming of the garden ! Strange all silentless! sleep ! Oh, sleep, be... Read More