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Unlocking the Mystery of Trunk Club

In the 1999 movie Fight Club, starring Ed Norton and Brad Pitt, after an unfortunate event, two men leading a somewhat boring life, decide to create an underground fight club... Read More

Cool Kids Choose Chooze Shoes

I recently became aware of a very cool, children's shoe and apparel company out of Dallas, Texas called Chooze Shoes. What makes Chooze Shoes a very fascinating company is their belief... Read More

Want to look fine? Check out Vineyard Vines.

About two years ago, I was traveling in Washington, D.C. for a work related function. As I was sitting in a meeting with a rather monotone sounding lawyer, I became fixated... Read More

My Watch Evolution

The first watch I can remember ever getting was a Swatch Watch. Maybe I just liked it for it's rhyming name, but back in the 80's, well before the word... Read More