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Apple vs. Fitbit: What The Heck?

I must tell you, I am confused as heck. As a runner that is unfortunately tied to the treadmill due to two hip surgeries, two knee surgeries and currently a... Read More

Running With Apple AirPods: Review

Is running with Apple AirPods is the technological equivalent of running with scissors? I was told as a child “no running with scissors.” Truth be told, I ran with scissors a... Read More

Why I Love But Don’t Like The Hidrate Spark

The Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle is a great concept but comes up dry. About two months ago I received my Hidrate Spark Smart Water Bottle. Frankly I had forgotten I... Read More

Life’s Ups And Downs

Life moves by quickly. Life is filled with ups and downs. It will all workout.... Read More

The Road Untraveled

Sometimes I find time to clear my mind. 5am wake up call buzzing.... Read More

Check out the 30-Day Plank Challenge!

Many of us start off the new year resolving to make changes in our lives: "I'm going to drink less, eat better, exercise more." Blah, blah blah. I don't know about... Read More

Today’s Transformation

45 minutes 600+ calories. Tuesday morning bliss.... ... Read More