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Need something yummy? Head to Brasa Rotisserie.

On Grand Avenue in Saint Paul, Minnesota is a restaurant that Adam Richman of Man vs. Food described as one of the top five meal in America. Brasa Restaurant is... Read More

7 Facts About The Black Cube Fry Pan

When it comes to being a foodie in the kitchen or out on the deck, I'm always looking to make sure that I have the right cooking utensils, pots or... Read More

Need A Romantic Dinner? Check out W.A. Frost.

Located in the Cathedral Hill area of Saint Paul, Minnesota, you will find one of my favorite, romantic restaurants in the Twin Cities, in W.A. Frost and Company. Proudly serving Twin... Read More

7 Big Green Egg Accessories You Need TODAY

If you are an EGG head just like me and can't wait to get home from work to fire up your Big Green Egg, there are a plethora of accessories... Read More

America’s Best Baklava: Baklava King

When it comes to dessert, I can proudly confess that I have a sweet tooth. With the exception of chocolate - I know haters gonna hate - I will try... Read More

Love to Bike or Hike then Munk Pack You’ll Like

One of my favorite tag lines I love to use on Twitter is "I love to follow, I love to swallow." While this tagline could be interpreted several ways, at... Read More

Do you love cheesecake? Muddy Paws can’t be beat.

Each and everyone us has a "go-to" dessert when it comes to satisfying our sweet tooth. Some of use sneak pieces of candy during the day (note: this is not... Read More

This is how I roll, a review of Chipotle’s Salad Bowl.

Normally when a brand unfollows me on Twitter, I don't utilize their products. However, when it comes to Chipotle I will make an exception as I really love eating their... Read More