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7 Fun Facts about Spring Break and Panama City Beach

As we get ready to head to Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break this year, we will be returning back to The Moon Palace Golf Resort and Spa. Although last year... Read More

Hotel Preview: The Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas

Well I'm off to Las Vegas for another convention, which is about the 20th time I've traveled to Sin City for work and play. Similar to last year at this time,... Read More

Need a vacation? You should know Barceló.

Over the December holidays, I'll be heading back to Maya Riviera in Mexico for a third consecutive year. I've become a real pro at knowing what to eat, what to... Read More

My Favorite Hilton Hotels Brand of The Day Haiku.

The Brand of the Day for February 5th was Hilton Hotels. I asked Twitter followers and Facebook friends to write a Hilton Hotels Haiku and my favorites would be featured... Read More