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Unrequited Love

My love, please do not take for granted. For one day I’ll be gone from here.... Read More

An Open Letter to Delta Airlines

Dearest Delta Airlines, First of all I need to apologize to you for taking such a long time to write you this letter. Second, I’ve noticed that you have worked... Read More

Focus In On Love

My focus narrowed. A barren path leads to you. Today’s paradise.... Read More

In The Name Of Love – STOP!

Stop what you’re doing. Tell someone that you love them. Immediately.... Read More

Love Affair

Each day I'm in love with a new word. Cheating on yesterday's message.... ... Read More

I’m Blind

Love is like a racehorse wearing blinkers to avoid being distracted from the prize. My blinded eyes shut tight, I can't see Jack through my hot, salty, moist tears, but I catch a glimmer of light... Read More

The Drunkard

Last night I was drunk. But not drunk on alcohol. I was drunk on Love.... ... Read More

My Love

All I've done, I've done for free. My blood for my love, She's named Poetry. #micropoetry #poet... ... Read More

To You ~ Part II

To you... To you I thank. To you I scream. To you I dream. To you... To you I beam. To you I need. To you I heed. To you... To you I plead. To you I jaunt. To you I... Read More

An Ode to IAMS

I love you IAMS, my Charlie does too. Always together, long walks then we poo. Might we be friends, I think I've a hunch. So long as Charlie, eats his IAMS lunch.... ... Read More