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Said the Drunkard, “Givemesomemore”

I think I'm in love ~ With The Poet oatmeal stout ~ Said forevermore.... ... Read More

To Coax

Ball struck with vigor. Coaxing her into the hole. It's all in the hips.... ... Read More


I'm going one way You are going the other Summer's desire. ... ... Read More

Country Living

Life in the city. I'm a mouse in the country. Today's wildlife. Contributor's note: The haiku above is in response to the Georgic poetry prompt I issued yesterday. Nearly everyday I walk this path... Read More


The Great Tree of Life ~ Each death is a fallen leaf ~ Genealogy.... ... Read More


A crisp spring morning ~ My eyes reflect drops of rain ~ Dawn turning to day.... ... Read More


Just a fancy name ~ All our data collected ~ Governmental gain.... ... Read More